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Interactive examples

Interactive code examples

Explore our collection of interactive code examples, which can be easily integrated into your website. These examples allow you to view and modify the code to see how it affects the appearance and functionality of each component.

Flight Search form

The flight search form not only provides a simple and minimal user interface, but also includes validation rules for each field. It checks the mandatory fields takes into consideration all the search restrictions related to the passengers, such as it doesn't allow the number of infants to be higher than the number of adult passengers.

Additionally, this form has a responsive design and is easy to customize by changing colors or adding new fields. Find the full code at the Amadeus for Developers GitHub.

Hotel Search form

The hotel search form apart from the user interface, it also includes validation rules to the fields. Furthermore, it has responsive design and can be easily customized to suit your website's aesthetics, whether by changing colors, adding new fields, or adjusting the layout.

You can find the full code for the hotel search form at the Amadeus for Developers GitHub.

Last update: April 15, 2024